Nothing Beats Voodoo Donuts

I wouldn’t be a proper Portland resident if I didn’t love Voodoo donuts. Even though it’s cliche and over hyped, I will tell you those donuts are delicious and I eat them more often than I would like to admit. Anytime we have visitors (which is at least once a month) I take them to the donut shot and they are amazed. First by the crazy lineup (try not to go on a weekend!) and next by all the crazy flavors. I like my donuts simple and usually go for a glazed or a chocolate ring. They have some really wacky stuff which can be fun but honestly really sweet and hard to eat.

Anyways, I wanted to recommend this donut shop for any of my followers visiting Portland in the near future! I am also going to work on a guide to my favorite bars, pubs, and restaurants. Stay tuned!