Getting Away to Mexico

Miranda and I recently went on a trip to Puerto Vallarta and had an amazing time! My mom was pressuring us to stay at a resort, but Miranda and I are adventurers so we opted for an AirBnB. I have to say, it was the right choice. We got a much more authentic understanding of the city and weren’t surrounded by fellow tourists. We got this great little cabana on a larger property with it’s own pool and BBQ to share with one other couple staying in another cabana. Most days we had the pool to ourselves and it was glorious! Coming from rainy, miserable Portland, it was a much needed sun vacation.

Every day we would wake up and head straight for the pool before it got too hot. We are both fair so we didn’t want to burn but also wanted to stock up on vitamin D. Miranda would usually make breakfast/lunch around 11am that we would eat on our private patio. There was also this really cute dog at the property who would come visit us every meal hoping we would drop some crumbs. We usually did (accidentally), so the dog loved us!

We loved walking into the heart of Puerto Vallarta in the evenings and catching some entertainment and dinner. There are lots of overpriced tourists spots there but if you dig you also find some gems that the locals go to. Food is so cheap there if you go to the right places! Most people speak English as well which is helpful if you’re like us and don’t know much more Spanish than we learned in school.

Our favorite restaurant of the trip was called Tacos Revolucion. Great prices, super friendly staff and yummy drinks. Now that’s my type of place! Miranda loved it too, she is so easy going and usually likes anything so she is great to travel with.

All in all, we had a fantastic trip and already want to go back. It’s a pretty easy trip for us from Portland so we hope to spend more time there. If it wasn’t for my job we could have gone for a few weeks since Miranda is a freelancer and can work from anywhere. I’m thinking about that life more and more these days, hopefully I’ll make a decision soon.