Cheers to Good Times!

When some friends were recently visiting they introduced my girlfriend Miranda and I to an amazing drink called the Moscow Mule. I had heard of it before but never tested it myself. Dan and Sheila are obsessed with this cocktail – so much so they even travel with their own set of Moscow Mule mugs! Talk about committed! Anyways they brought a set of four mugs, some vodka, and ginger beer along in their carry on and proceeded to take over our kitchen the first night concocting their favourite alcoholic beverage. Needless to say, we were hooked! We spent the evening playing crib and drinking mules and I can’t think of a recent night I’ve had so much fun.

This got me thinking, what is it about friends and cocktails that makes for such amazing memories? Sure the booze and its effects helps, but honestly for myself I find having a couple light cocktails just takes the edge off and helps me relax that much quicker. Now I’m not a big drinker so don’t get me wrong! But I think as a male who works long hours, it can be tough to unwind sometimes around people I don’t see all of the time. One thing I want to work towards is de-stressing more quickly without any sort of help from a drink but for now, I really appreciated these tasty cocktails enjoyed with old friends.  I think I’ve been spending too much time at work too which made this night a welcome departure from the every day. I can’t remember the last time I played crib but I had a great time, even though I wasn’t winning! I learned Miranda is a shark at crib and she won almost every time!

If you’ve never tried a Moscow Mule before I highly recommend them. Dan says that a good quality ginger beer is really important to the recipe – he used Reed’s ginger beer which is really easy to find and I’ve seen it in Trader Joe’s before. He is also crazy about using traditional copper Moscow Mule mugs because he says the drink doesn’t taste the same without them. Something about the way the copper feels on your lips mixed with the drink as you take a sip makes all of the difference. The mugs also help keep the drinks extra cool which is a nice feature! The drink is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy (from the ginger) and they go down way too easily! I was counting all of the ginger beer bottles in the morning wondering how we could have drank so much! This night with friends was a great reminder for me that I need to relax and indulge more often. With summer upon us, I don’t think this is the last time we will drink Moscow Mules!